Partikel in der Pampa - Physik Journal - 03/2014

Das Pierre-Auger-Observatorium detektiert die energiereichsten Teilchen im Universum.


More Press Reviews From Around the World

The Pierre Auger Observatory is a topic in many magazines and journals.

AERA set up

Project AERA - Auger Engineering Radio Array

AERA is a new antenna system that measures faint radio signals and short (in the frequency range of tens of MHz) produced in air showers.


The 2014 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest

The Global Astronomy Month in April 2014 brings the 5th International Earth and Sky Photo Contest on Dark Skies Importance.

Romania Becomes A Member

On 13 March 2014, Romania was officially accepted as a full member state in the international Pierre Auger Collaboration.

Konex Awards 2013 Science and Technology

Argentinian Konex Award Winner

The Pierre Auger Observatory was honored by the Argentinian Konex Foundation.

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