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News from the Pierre Auger Collaboration in the CERN Courier

Change of the spokespersons of the Pierre Auger Collaboration is also noted in the in the march/april 2024 issue of the CERN Courier.


Astronomy enters a new age thanks to multi-messenger signals

Cosmic rays, neutrinos, photons, and gravitational waves: Each of these signals carries a message. What can they tell us?


Cosmic Map of Ultrahigh-Energy Particles Points to Long-Hidden Treasures

Ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays twist and turn on their way to Earth, which has made it nearly impossible to identify the colossal monsters that create them.    by Natalie Walchover


Cosmic Power Rangers

Scientists are deploying vast arrays on Earth to search for the origin of the most energetic particles in the universe.


Positively Naperville: Women hold up half the sky

Science Corner – Women hold up half the sky


The Pierre Auger Observatory shares 10% of data

The observatory has made detailed information about an initial selection of its recorded cosmic-ray events available for outside scientists to use.

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