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Cosmic Rays


video playlist-cr

Cosmic Rays (Playlist)

The earth is constantly bombarded by high-energy particles, which influences us in many ways. With new instruments, physicists are searching for the origin of the high-energy particles, thus opening up fascinating insights into the most energetic processes in the universe.
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video long-journey-of-cr

The long journey of cosmic rays

This Video was realized by Aurelio Grillo, Pierre Auger Collaboration, and Vincenzo Napolano, INFN Communication Office.
Courtesy of Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics - INFN

video miguel-mostafa-tedx

Catching the Fastest Particles in the Universe
Miguel Mostafá | TEDxPSU 2016

What are the most energetic particles in the Universe? Where are they coming from? And more importantly, who cares?



The Pierre Auger Observatory


video playlist-observatory

Women in Science

The women of the Pierre Auger Collaboration, want to encourage women and girls willing to study and work in Science, by sharing with them their experiences.

video playlist-observatory

The Pierre Auger Observatory (Playlist)

On the Pampa Amarilla in western Argentina, the Pierre Auger Observatory is studying the highest-energy particles in the Universe. By detecting and studying these rare particles, the Pierre Auger Observatory is tackling the enigmas of their origin and existence.
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video playlist-hybrid

A Hybrid Detector (Playlist)

The Auger Observatory is a "hybrid detector", employing two independent methods to detect and study high-energy cosmic rays. The hybrid nature of the Pierre Auger Observatory provides for two independent ways to see cosmic rays.
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video voices-of-the-universe

Voices of The Universe

Voices of the Universe is a video directed by Cristina Raschia about the Pierre Auger Observatory. The video features interviews with many scientists about their work on cosmic ray physics at the Observatory.

Streaming: English subtitles  -  Spanish subtitles

video auger ssd

Auger SSD
September 2016

AugerPrime Engineering array, SSD construction:
attaching corrugated roof as the last step before deployment.

video aera-phase-2

In this video we present the installation of the AERA Phase II in Malargüe 2013 with the addition of 100 radio stations in the argentinian pampas at the Pierre Auger Observatory.

AERA - Auger Engineering Radio Array
Author: Gina Isar (ISS Media Group)

video pao-from-above

The Pierre Auger Observatory from above
Malargüe, August 2018

Fly with a drone over the Argentine pampa and see the vastness of the observatory from above.

Author: Tobias Schulz (Pierre Auger Collaboration)

video field-from-above

Truck Drive in the Pampa from above
Malargüe, November 2019

Fly with a drone over the Argentine pampa and follow a truck bringing new material to the detectors.

Author: Tim Huege (Pierre Auger Collaboration)

video to-los-leones

To Los Leones - a 20-min ride in a 2-min video

12.5 km of gravel roads in the pampa in a 2-min video! Los Leones is the closest Fluorescence Detector building to Malargue.

This video is part of a travel diary called Journey to Auger, which relates the celebrations of AugerPrime in Malargüe, Argentina in Nov. 2015.

video timelapse steven-saffi

Pierre Auger Observatory Time Lapse

This time lapse sequence is constructed from a series of images of the observatory captured in November-December 2013.

Video © Steven Saffi

video radio-cosmic

Radio Cosmic

Movie on cosmic rays, with a focus on the radio signal with AERA and CODALEMA/EXTASIS at Nancay, France. Published on 23 Sep 2014.

Video © CNRS

video pao kohan

Cosmic Shower

Karlsruhe Institute for Technology / TEC TV presents this production documentary film
made by k film producciones 25p films
written and directed by Miguel Luis Kohan
2014, (English - Spanish)


Documentaries in German

video daniel-vega
Kosmische Strahlung

3Sat, 2017

Wir sehen und fühlen sie nicht und doch umgibt sie uns: kosmische Strahlung.
Ein Film von Daniel Vega, der unter anderem das Pierre-Auger-Observatorium vorstellt.

video teilchenlabor-in-den-anden

Teilchenlabor in den Anden
Hyperraum TV 26 March 2014

Über den Ursprung der höchstenergetischen Teilchen der kosmischen Strahlung wissen wir heute noch wenig. In den argentinischen Anden wurde in der freien Natur ein gewaltiges Teilchenlabor aufgebaut, das dieses Naturspektakel im Verborgenen permanent beobachtet.

Hyperraum TV - Weltraumteilchen im Wassertank

Weltraumteilchen im Wassertank
Hyperraum TV 04 March 2014
Featuring Jonny Kleinfeller, Project Manager

Energiereichsten Teilchen in der kosmischen Strahlung: Niemand kann heute theoretisch ableiten, woher sie kommen und vor allem wie die unvorstellbar hohen Energien kosmisch erzeugt werden.

video pao mirbach

Das Pierre Auger Observatorium
Mineworks 2006
Frank Mirbach


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