The Pierre Auger Collaboration Impact Award

The Pierre Auger Collaboration Impact Award was established in 2020 and it is dedicated to people who have spent a significant amount of their time on technical developments that have a very large impact on the functioning of the detectors or on data analysis.

The scientific results we are providing are highly dependent on technical efforts, which often are not visible in scientific publications or cannot be given proper credit in papers. This award is intended to give both internal and external recognition to those people and their efforts in detector design, software development, and simulation production, among other activities, to help young colleagues start a career in science.

The candidates can be either non-senior members of the Collaboration: students and scientists at post-doctoral level, or technicians and engineers who have made exceptionally important technical contributions to the success of the project, linked to any area of the experiment.

See here the winners of the Auger Impact Award:


Best Talk: Eric Mayotte

Auger Impact Award 2023

The Auger Impact Awards 2023 go to Collaborators Eva dos Santos and Jorge Ruben Rodriguez.

Best Talk: Eric Mayotte

Auger Impact Award 2022

The Auger Impact Awards 2022 go to Collaborators Violet Harvey, David Schmidt, Fabián Gobbi and Miguel Salvadores.

Best Talk: Eric Mayotte

Auger Impact Award 2021

The Auger Impact Awards 2021 go to Collaborators Vladimir Novotny and Martin Schimassek.

Best Talk: Eric Mayotte

Auger Impact Award 2020

The Auger Impact Awards 2020 go to Collaborators Ricardo Sato and Mariano der Rio.

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