Auger Impact Award 2022

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The Auger Impact Award was established in 2020 with the aim to recognize technical work with large impact on the scientific results of the Collaboration. First awardees in 2020 were our two colleagues from the Observatory Mariano Del Río and Ricardo Sato.

Eligible candidates can be either early career scientists of the Collaboration, including pre-doctoral scientists, or technicians and engineers who have made exceptionally important technical contributions to the success of the project, linked to any area of the experiment.


We congratulate our colleagues Violet Harvey (Adelaide University, Australia), David Schmidt (KIT, Germany), Fabián Gobbi and Miguel Salvadores (Pierre Auger Observatory, Argentina) on receiving the Auger Impact Award 2022 for their outstanding contributions towards the objectives of the Auger Observatory.

Violet Harvey was awarded for her exceptional work in the atmospheric monitoring task, specifically on aerosols and David Schmidt for his exceptional, long-term commitment
to processing and understanding our data, specifically his work in the CDAS, Calibration and Offline tasks.

Fabián Gobbi and Miguel Salvadores, representing the SSD assembly and deployment team, were honoured for their exceptional dedication in deploying the AugerPrime SSDs, despite the massive restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.




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