Argentinian Konex Award Winner

The Pierre Auger Observatory was honored by the Argentinian Konex Foundation.

news 13 12 20 Auger Konex FundacionOn 18th September 2013, the Pierre Auger Observatory was awarded by the Argentinian Konex Foundation a special mention as "Highlights of the Decade" for its installation and impacts at Malargüe, in the Mendoza Province, Argentina. Conceived in 1995, the construction of the Pierre Auger Observatory began in 2000 to end on 15/11/2008. The first record of cosmic radiation made by the Pierre Auger Observatory took place on August 2nd, 2001 and marks its birth.

It is the largest and most accurate observatory in the world to study high-energy cosmic rays. Extended in between the departments of Malargüe and San Rafael in the Mendoza Province, it is a hybrid detection system with 1 600 surface detectors and 27 fluorescence telescopes, covering an area of 3 000 km2. More than 500 scientists and technicians from 100 institutions of 18 countries work with the observatory. In Argentina, the Pierre Auger Observatory is funded by the National Atomic Energy Commission and the Government of the Province of Mendoza. The observations and results obtained with the Observatory have led to over 40 scientific papers and 184 high-impact PhD theses, 14 out of these in Argentina. Its visitor center in Malargüe has received more than 80 000 visitors.

The Konex Foundation was created in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1980, with the purpose to promote and encourage all sorts of initiatives, works and undertakings of cultural, educational, intellectual, artistic, social, philanthropic, scientific or sport character. The Konex awards were instituted to annually distinguish personalities and most valuable contemporary institutions in all branches that make up the cultural spectrum of Argentina. By turn the foundation focus each year on different topics; 2013 was dedicated to "Science and Technology".

Press Release: Konex Fundacion, Visitor Center del Observatorio Pierre Auger

Observatorio Pierre Auger
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